I am Certified in Birth and Newborn Photography. And while that is my passion,  I'm also trained in Family and Child Photography. Read more in the "About" section below for more info. 

"You take pictures of what??"
Yes, the common response I get when people ask what I do. Birth Photography isn't "gross." It is real, raw and utterly amazing. Birth photography is about your baby taking his first breath, your mom becoming a grandmother, and you falling in love again. Birth photography allows you to be in the moment and not have to worry about having that iphone or camera ready to get the shot. That's my job.
I am careful to photograph from angles that are pleasing and flattering as well as tasteful and modest in composition and content.


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I have always had a passion for photography. I strive to capture in a photo how you are feeling in that moment, sometimes a feeling that only happens once in a lifetime. I am schooled specifically in the photography of infants. I am a certified photographer. 
I am married to my best friend. And we have 2 little girls, Learn more about me in the About section!

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