Complimentary Re-booking Credit
All Birth or Newborn bookings receive a $100 credit towards your next session with me.
Must be re-booked at the newborn session to claim.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have! I try my hardest to get back to you asap!
Be sure to contact me as soon as you have an estimated due date. Do not wait until your baby is born before contacting me. Once your baby is born, we can move your session to suit the birth date. I only book a certain amount amount of Births and Newborns to be flexible for this reason.  


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Pick which package you think would work best for you. and your family.

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I love meeting with my clients before a session. Especially a birth. So feel free to meet me for coffee or we can chat over the phone!

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Let me know what kind of session you're session you're wanting to book. And if you have any questions.




This plan includes:
Photos of labor, photos of delivery (in hospital or home), photos of baby with Mommy and Daddy, Photos of baby in hospital, Newborn session (when baby is between 7 to 16 days old)
High resolution images. Online galley and USB with copyright release.

package one:
Labor and Delivery with Newborn


Fresh 48 Session will take place in hospital the day after baby is born. 30 min session with parents and siblings. Newborn Session when baby is between 7-16 days old. These sessions include images of baby, parents, and siblings and are usually 3 hours long. Done at my studio.  Or home Lifestyle Newborn session is definitely a loved option as well.  
Sessions includes: High resolution images,  Online galley and USB with copyright release.

package two:
Fresh 48 and Newborn


This is a combination of all the sessions offered above! You will also receive a complimentary photo book of the session of your choice. This also includes an online gallery, usb and copyright release. 

package three:
The big 3!
Labor and Delivery, Fresh 48 and Newborn


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